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The cover of a Cloud Collection with "CLOUD COLLECTION DIANE BORSATO" in large uppercase blue type.

This virtual companion was created by the Owens Art Gallery for Cloud Collection by Diane Borsato. In addition to being a place to learn about and request copies of Cloud Collection, this website extends access and accessibility, offering screen-readable text, audio by the artist, large images, and visual descriptions of artworks.

Cloud Collection was conceived and written by Diane Borsato. The project was developed based on research for the work Cloud Party (2017), also by Diane Borsato, which was performed at the Art Gallery of Ontario with the support of the Creative Time Summit. All works were selected by the artist from the permanent collection of the Owens Art Gallery in 2021.

This project was made possible thanks to funding from the Strategic Initiatives Fund of the New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Curators: Emily Falvey, Lucy MacDonald

Designer: JP King

French translation: Colette Tougas

Printer: Flash Reproductions

Printed in Canada


Province of New Brunswick, Canada, bilingual logo that incorporates the image of a stylized ship.
Canada Council for the Arts bilingual logo featuring a graphic of an abstracted tree.

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