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This triptych is composed of a square central panel with vertical rectangular panels on each side. There is a small gap between the panels that interrupts the image that extends over all three sections. The image is a seascape with stark pale-blue sky and flat grey water. The perfectly straight horizon line cuts across the panels just below the mid-line of the image.

Christopher Pratt

Study for 'Bay' - 3, 1972
collage on illustration board
27.3 x 56.5 cm
Collection of the Owens Art Gallery
Gift of the Artist

Luke Howard named clouds by appropriating the Latin binomial system intended for identifying plants and animals, whereby each vaporous formation is given a genus and a species. This naming strategy was accepted, and is still in use, even though, as Richard Hamblyn writes in his biography of Howard, clouds are self-ruining and fragmentary. In fact, he says, “Every cloud is a small catastrophe.”

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