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A prismatic shape is set against a dark background. The shape has many triangular facets in muted shades of pink, blue, beige, grey and white. Four outer points of the shape extend to each corner of the paper. Points on the top and bottom of the shape touch the top and bottom edges of the paper.

Alfred Whitehead

oil on board
40.6 x 61 cm
Collection of the Owens Art Gallery
Purchased with funds from the Ruth Lockhart Eisenhauer Art Fund

CIRRUS clouds are formed entirely by ICE CRYSTALS in the highest regions of the atmosphere. Many cirrus clouds look like the wispy locks of hair after which the species is named. More precisely the UNCINUS variety look like hooked punctuation marks, FIBRATUS like celestial brushstrokes, and VERTEBRATUS like a giant fish bone in the sky, with streaks of cloud radiating from a central spine.

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