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In the centre of the composition, there is a three-part folding screen. The three panels are delineated by vertical dotted lines and the top of each panel is rounded. Across the screen, puffy white clouds float against a pale blue sky. Behind the screen, a horizontal area of medium grey forms a ground, while the space above is filled with a soft grey-green.

Barbara Hall

Cloud Screen, 1973
serigraph on paper
53.2 x 61.2 cm
Collection of the Owens Art Gallery

I have often wondered if it is easier to paint certain kinds of clouds over others, as CUMULUS and STRATOCUMULUS clouds suspended in sunny blue skies are grossly over-represented in museum collections. To tell the truth about the national landscape, you will need many more examples of dark grey NIMBOSTRATUS clouds that show just how much it does indeed rain in Canada.

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