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In the centre of this drawing, an inky-black squiggle loops around to create a loose tangle of lines on the white space of the paper.

Kenneth Lochhead

With a blue ribbon my daughter..., 1969
acrylic on illustration board
32.2 x 26.2 cm
Collection of the Owens Art Gallery
Gift of Dr. Douglas Lochhead

In her piece on the emergence of aerial advertising, my friend Harriet Alida Lye writes about her father, an aeronautical engineer, flying instructor, and amateur aviation historian. “SKYWRITING is a neat idea,” her dad tells her, “just not very effective. Making a heart shape with two planes is easy enough, but doing much more than that isn’t very practical.” Harriet wonders if her dad is giving her a lesson in love. I wonder if anything can be considered easy, or practical, if you need two planes to express it. And even with great effort, articulations of our innermost sentiments are rarely comprehensible.

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