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An owl with outstretched wings comes to land on a nest with two eggs. The bird and the nest are rendered with graphic lines and sit centrally within the white space of the paper. The image is printed in shades of deep green. Streaks of yellow highlight the bird’s wings.

Enooky Oqutak

Owl and Nest, 1969
stonecut on paper
43.18 x 62.23 cm
Collection of the Owens Art Gallery

What is the Inuktitut word that refers to a sky like the underside of a bird’s wing? What is the Algonquin or the Mi'kmaq word for sky? The skies pictured by the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island were painted over by European settlers and their governments—thousands of layers thick. Because of this, we risk forgetting how to live harmoniously with all other beings in the world.

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